Common Kitchen Ingredients to Create Recipes for Face Masks

You can use basically any one (or a combination of) of hundreds of natural and organic ingredients in your recipes for face masks. But there are some essential ingredients for a Do-It-Yourself facial that you probably already have in your home. If you use these as a base and add some seasonal fruit to experiment with you can make recipes for face masks to suit any skin type or condition.

These ingredients are the following:

Egg Whites

Egg whites can be used to cleanse and tighten oily skin and also has slight lightening properties, so is great for those dark pigmentation spots. You can also use it as a base and add some other ingredients such as essential oils. Here is a great mask to treat oily skin or acne:

Beat one egg white till foamy and add two drops of Tea Tree oil. Apply to a clean face and leave on till dry. Wash off with tepid water.


Honey is another ingredient that you might already have in your kitchen that can be used in many face masks or just on its own. Honey masks are great for treating acne. It has is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial. You can combine honey with a number of other ingredients to create great face masks recipes.


This great tasting fruit is also great for your skin. It contains not only exfoliating enzymes and vitamin C, but also has astringent properties. Therefore ripe pineapples are wonderful for acne prone skin and any time you feel you need a natural skin peel!


This is another common ingredient in your kitchen that makes a great addition to your home-made skin care recipes. Sugar has no real nutritional content for your skin, but it is a great exfoliator and is so common in almost every household that it deserves a space on this list. Combine your raw sugar with a few drops of olive or almond oil and a few drops of essential oils to suit your skin type and you have a scrub!

Milk Powder n95 mask

Milk powder is also quite common in most households and can also be found in most grocery stores. It is packed with concentrated goodness for your skin. Use fat-free if your skin is a little oily, and full cream for dry skin. Milk powder has lactic acid, vitamins and minerals and is wonderful for moisturizing your skin. Just mix it with some mineral water, herbal teas or rose water and use as a face mask regularly to reap all the benefits Cleopatra so famously took advantage o

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